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Cast of Characters

Edward Bloom  (Baritone)

A former traveling salesman in the Southern United States, he has a gift for storytelling. He is now confined to his deathbed. His estranged son attempts to mend their relationship as Bloom relates the tall tales of his eventful life as a young adult.

Will Bloom  (Tenor)

Will is the newly married son of a born storyteller. Will’s father, Edward Bloom, has always told tall tales, and Will complains that it has created an untrustworthy relationship between himself and his father. As Will looks forward to having a son of his own, he struggles with father-son dynamics and the nature of truth and storytelling.

Sandra Bloom   (Soprano)

Sandra is Edward's devoted and understanding wife. She appreciates his fervor and passion. A well-bred and kindhearted woman, Sandra is fond of Edward's stories and goes along with them

Young Will 

Will as a young boy living through his father's stories.

Witch  (Mezzo-Soprano)

A character in one of Edward's stories, he describes a witch who lives in the town, a magical and misunderstood woman who lives near a swamp.

Josephine Bloom  (Mezzo-Soprano)

Josephine is Will's wife, and is pregnant with their first child. When they return to Alabama, Josephine has a far more instantaneous connection with Edward than Will does, and seems to enjoy his flamboyant tales. She also serves to remind Will to focus on what matters and try and find connection with his father.

Karl the Giant  (Bass)

Another character in Edward's story.  Edward's home town neighbors were afraid of the giant that lived in the woods.  Edward go out to the woods and makes friends with Karl.  He and Karl join the circus together.  Character wears stilts or lifts during the production.

Amos Calloway   (Baritone)

Amos Calloway is the ringleader of the circus and at night, a werewolf. He is corrupt and crooked as a businessman, but when Edward doesn't judge him for his transformation into a werewolf, Amos provides him with pivotal information about Sandra.

Don Price  (Baritone)

Sandra's fiance and Edward's high school rival.

Zacky Price   (Tenor)

Nerdy brother and shadow of Don Price


Jenny Hill   (Mezzo-Soprano)

Edward's devoted first girlfriend.  She is beautiful, a dreamer, maybe a little blonde.  As an adult she is a very tired, disillusioned version of the younger Jenny. She has dignity and honesty. 


Dr Bennett   (Spoken)

Warm, kind, frank, soft-spoken friend and physician of Edward.  No singing or dancing necessary.


Alabama Lamb 1  (Soprano/Alto)

Friend of Sandra.  Performs at the circus with her


Alabama Lamb 2  (Soprano/Alto)

Friend of Sandra.  Performs at the circus with her.

Large Ensemble

Town's people, wedding guests, circus performers, coven, Fishermen and more.

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