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2024 Willow Manor Players
Ruth Kletzing Memorial Scholarship


Applications for the 2024 Willow Manor Players Ruth Kletzing Memorial Scholarship are now being accepted.  This scholarship was created as a way for the Willow Manor Players to contribute to the continuing education of a worthy student who is seeking to further his or her education in the performing arts, dance or music.  The scholarship was established in 1974 with the intent to provide financial assistance to an area high school student planning to study in one of the above mentioned fields.

All scholarship applications must be received no later then June 10, 2024.

For more information on the scholarship including eligibility requirements, please CLICK HERE.   


Prior Ruth Kletzing Scholarship Recipients

2017:  Erin Markham - Abington High School

2017:  Zoe Fox - Abington High School
2016:  Jess Rimdzius - Archbishop Wood High School 

2015:  Natalie Crane – Upper Dublin High School

2014:  Chelsea Aubert – Springfield High School

2013:  Jessica Jones – Upper Dublin High School

2012:  Alexandra Shannon – Archbishop Wood High School

2011:  Bridget Mary Cotellese and John DiFerdinando

2010:  Lydia Baxter ~ Abington High School

2009:  Daphney Beltramo ~ William Tennent High School

2009:  Megan Wright ~ North Penn High School

2008:  Rachel Jakubowitcz ~ Abington Friends School

2007: Nathan Edwards ~ Abington High School

2007:  Samantha Kuhl ~ Upper Dublin High School

2006: Caitlin Martinez ~ Archbishop Wood High School

2005: Kimberly Sarah Davidow ~ Archbishop Wood High School

2005: Alison Gail Klinman ~ Abington High School

2004: Andrew Rockwell Kuhl ~ Upper Dublin High School

2004: Anthony J. Wark ~ Archbishop Wood High School

2003: Kristin L. Foreman ~ Hatboro-Horsham High School

2003: Cynthia L. Queen ~ Mount St. Joseph Academy

2002: Sara Cochran ~ Upper Moreland High School

2001: Kelly Kriebel ~ Hatboro-Horsham High School

1999: Justin Klinger ~ Hatboro-Horsham High School

1998: Kathleen Quigley ~ Hatboro-Horsham High School

1997: Jonathan Pollock ~ Hatboro-Horsham High School

1996: Robert McDonald ~ Upper Dublin High School

1995: Jennifer McIlvaine ~ Bishop McDevitt High School

1994: Erica Pappas ~ Hatboro-Horsham High School

1993: Randy Kapralick ~ Upper Moreland High School

1992: Naomi A. Wasserman ~ William Tennent High School

1991: Melissa Katz ~ Upper Moreland High School

1990: Carol N. Lepley ~ Archbishop Wood High School

1990: Megan R. Brigaman ~ Upper Moreland High School

1988: Kerri Lynn Jennings ~ William Tennent High School

1987: Maria Salvucci ~ Archbishop Wood High School

1983: Linda Goldhaber ~ Abington High School

1982: Stephan Black ~ William Tennent High School

1982: Rick Logan ~ William Tennent High School

1980: Scott McGowan ~ Upper Moreland High School

1978: James Fitzgerald ~ Archbishop Wood High School

1977: Suzanne Dougherty ~ Upper Dublin High School

1976: Genvieve Kelly ~ Bishop McDevitt High School

1975: Dominic Garofano ~ Abington High School

1974: Elliot Mayer ~ William Tennent High School

Ruth Kletzing

It all started back in 1962 when Ruth Kletzing was asked to help raise money for the Upper Dublin Women’s Club.  Ruth, along with her daughters Ruth Ellen & Katharine, wrote, produced, directed and appeared in the musical "The Indomitable Snowman".  It was so successful that a decision was made to do an annual production for the dual purposes of showcasing local talents as well as raising money for charity. Thus began Willow Manor Players.


In 1974, the Willow Manor Players Executive Board decided to honor Ruth Kletzing by establishing an annual theater scholarship in her name.  The Ruth Kletzing Scholarship has since been given to 42 local students pursuing an education in the Performing Arts.

(Pictured (L to R) are WMP Vice President Kevin Gallagher, 2017 Scholarship winner Zoe Fox, 2017 Scholarship winner Erin Markham and WMP President Linda Worrall 

(Pictured above is the 2016 Willow Manor Players Scholarship winner Jess Rimdzius (center) with WMP President Paul Waldowski and WMP Board members Kevin Gallagher and Linda Worrall (L to R)

(Pictured is the 2015 Willow Manor Players Scholarship winner Natalie Crane with WMP Board members Ruth Ellen Schmidt-Kletzing, Kevin Gallagher and WMP President Paul Waldowski)

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